EZサイン4.2インチ電子ペーパーディスプレイのご紹介: 家庭とオフィスのコミュニケーションに革命を起こす。Kickstarterにてキャンペーン開催中!

Introducing EZ Sign 4.2 inch E-paper Display: Revolutionizing Communication for Home and Office, available on Kickstarter

Hello everyone! 🚀We're thrilled to announce that San Technology, Inc. (Santek)'s EZ Sign 4.2 inch E-paper Display Kickstarter campaign is live! 🎉

Kickstarter campaign here

For more information about EZ Sign 4.2 inch E-paper Display, click here.

Say goodbye to post-its and hello to clear, concise, and customizable messaging and graphics. Perfect for both office and home use, this innovative communication tool allows you to display text and images of your choice, making announcements or explanations a breeze. Low power consumption, long-lasting operation, and a built-in rechargeable lithium battery – all packed into a sleek design that can be easily placed or attached in various spaces. We're bringing this innovative product to US this 2024 Q3. Be a part of our journey, support our campaign, and help us bring this revolutionary product to life. Your backing will make a difference!

To learn more or pledge, visit our Kickstarter page

Santek Japan Corporation's past campaign on Makuake

About Santek Display Specialist 

About Santek Display Specialist

San Technology, Inc. has opened a specialized LCD Module, Display Finished Products, and LED Light Panel (Light Box) online shop for Display “Santek Display Specialist."

  • LCD Module products ranging in size from 1.03" to 21.5"
  • Finished Products with Display (LCD / E-Paper display)
  • LED Light Panel (Light Box) with various types of frames and sizes.


LCD Modules

We accept small quantity purchases of 1 piece or more as samples for design and development of mass production projects. Products with a lighting controller board and capacitive touch panel are available for each standard product, and can also be sold as LCD kits. This is a one-stop sales site for LCD products, including highest quality services by our worldwide network from sample to mass production.


Finished Products with Display

Santek product lineup includes LCD mobile monitors, open frame monitors, and finished products using e-paper (electronic paper) displays for office and home use.


LED Light Box for Advertisement / LED Light Panel

Santek offers a wide range of high-brightness, high-quality LED light boxes in a variety of frame types and sizes, taking advantage of the optical product know-how cultivated through the manufacture of LCD products. Our LED Light Boxes can be used for various applications such as trade shows, retail store advertisements, restaurant menus, etc.


Important Note

Currently, our direct shopping page is designed for orders from Japan. However, we welcome orders from customers outside these countries. Please submit a direct inquiry using the form or send an email to s.shop@santekdisplay.com .


San Technology (Santek) Official Website

San Technology, Inc.


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