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Introducing the latest endeavor from San Technology, Inc. (Santek) – "Santek Display Specialist". In a world where the quality and impact of your display solutions can make or break your competitive edge, Santek steps forward to lead the charge in providing premium quality LCD and LED solutions. From LCD modules to LED lightboxes, we are committed to creating products that not only meet but exceed our customers' expectations.

One-Stop Shop for LCD Modules

For those that are in the market for superior LCD modules, "Santek Display Specialist" is your one-stop shop. Santek repertoire includes a diverse range, from character LCDs, graphic LCDs and even segment LCDs to TFT LCDs. This shop “Santek Display Specialist” specializes in TFT LCD module, where we believe our strength lies. What sets us apart is not just the breadth of our range, but the depth in which we stock these products.

Customization at its Finest
It's not just about walking away with a product; it's about leaving with a solution that fits your unique needs. Santek specializes in custom-built LCD modules — from tailored dimensions to specialized interface and unique performance requirements such as high brightness. We pride ourselves on being the partner of choice for those innovating the next big thing, and our commitment to accessible innovation shows as we allow customers to order as little as one piece for their prototyping needs.

Superior Quality and Unwavering Service
Santek stands on a strong foundation built on quality and service. Our LCD modules undergo rigorous testing in our own factory in China to ensure they deliver an outstanding performance across varying conditions.

The Brilliance of LED Light Boxes for Advertisement

Santek has applied the same rigor and innovation to its LED products as it has with its LCD modules, and the results are nothing short of a spectacular visual extravaganza.

Our LED Light Boxes are crafted to precision with the latest in LED technology. These are not just your run-of-the-mill light boxes; they are a testament to the advance we have made in the science of illumination. Energy-efficient, long-lasting, and with a color rendition index that speaks volumes about their quality, these are designed to stand out.

Applications as Diverse as Your Imagination
The beauty of our LED Light Boxes lies in their versatility. From becoming the centerpiece of a trade show booth, shining a light on a retail display, illuminating the menu at a restaurant, or even enhancing the ambiance at a corporate event, the applications are as diverse as the imagination of its users. We encourage you to think big and bold with our light box solutions.

A Commitment to Excellence

At Santek, excellence is not a goal; it's a given. Every product that leaves our assembly line is a testament to our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. With our new e-commerce platform, we have made it easier than ever for customers to explore our range of products, place orders, and connect with our team of experts.

Global Reach with a Local Touch
With manufacturing facilities in Zhuhai, China, and sales offices in Japan, Germany, and the United States, we now have the geographic reach to serve customers across the globe. We offer local service along with the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of global sourcing — a perfect blend that underscores our ability to listen and respond to our customers' needs, wherever they are.

Engineering the Future Together
We do not just sell products; we sell the promise of a collaborative future. Our specialists are on standby, ready to engage in dialogue, assist in technical aspects, and walk the extra mile to ensure your project's success. Our goal is to become the indispensable partner in your display needs, a reputation we are committed to earn every single day.


The unveiling of "Santek Display Specialist" marks yet another exciting chapter in the Santek story. Our dedication to quality, innovation, and customer service remains uncompromised, and we are ready to empower you with the most advanced display solutions on the market. We invite you to experience a new standard in LCD and LED technologies. Welcome to the future of display – welcome to Santek.

About Santek Display Specialist

San Technology, Inc. has opened a specialized LCD Module Products and LED Light Box sales site “Santek Display Specialist" We offer LCD products ranging in size from 1.03" to 21.5" and LED Light Boxes with various types of frames and sizes.


LCD Modules

We accept small quantity purchases of 1 piece or more as samples for design and development of mass production projects. Products with a lighting controller board and capacitive touch panel are available for each standard product, and can also be sold as LCD kits. This is a one-stop sales site for LCD products, including highest quality services by our worldwide network from sample to mass production.

TFT LCD Product

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LED Light Box for Advertisement

Santek offers a wide range of high-brightness, high-quality LED light boxes in a variety of frame types and sizes, taking advantage of the optical product know-how cultivated through the manufacture of LCD products. Our LED Light Boxes can be used for various applications such as trade shows, retail store advertisements, restaurant menus, etc.

LED Light Box Product

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Important Note
Currently, our direct shopping page is designed for orders from Japan. However, we welcome orders from customers outside these countries. Please submit a direct inquiry using the form or send an email to .


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