San Technology, Inc. (Santek) is a company in San Diego, Californiathat specializes in displays. Santek opened its main manufacturing planting Shanghai, China in 2003, as a wholly owned subsidiary of San Technology, Inc. In 2009,we opened a second factory in Zhuhai, China.We opened our third and fourth factories in Tijuana, Mexicoin 2013 and 2016.

Today, approximately 1,000 employees work for the Santek Group worldwide. In addition to ourworld headquarters in the United Sates and 4 factories in China and Mexico,we have subsidiaries in Japan, Hong Kong, and Germanyto meet the needs of Asia, Oceania, and Europe.

Our worldwide network provides the highest quality services to our customer around the globe.



The main factories that make up the production base of the Santek Group are located in Zhuhai,China, and Tijuana, Mexico. The Zhuhai plant site has a total of 13,000㎡(139,930 ft²).

We have 2 factories in Tijuana, Mexico. The Tijuana main plant, has a total area of 1,824㎡(19,633 ft²) and 1,382㎡(14,875 ft²) of floor space. Both Tijuana plants, located about 15 km away from San Diego, USA, focus on serving our customers in North, Central and South America.

Santek provides standard and custom products: such as LCD panels, LCD Modules, LED Backlights, LED Light Fixtures, PCB assembly, and Electronics Manufacturing Services.We can develop products from prototypes to small production as well as high volume manufacturing.