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EZ Sign 2.9" E-Paper Display Black/White/Gray

EZ Sign 2.9" E-Paper Display Black/White/Gray

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  • DISPLAYING PERSONALIZED CONTENTS (TEXT/IMAGES) - EZ Door Signs comes with default messages: IN USE, AVAILABLE, OUT OF OFFICE, QUIET PLEASE. Users can easily overwrite default contents and store up to 5 personalized screens with text and images, using the dedicated Santek EZ sign APP (FREE) for Windows only in upto 3 colors (Black/White/Red). (Please refer to manual for Santekshop). Note: 1x USB-C – USB 2.0 charging /data transfer cable (not included) is needed.
  • EASY-TO-MOUNT The Santek e-paper door sign is light-weighted and small sized at 2.9 inches (similar to an average black and white electronic shelf label /ESL in grocery stores). This enables the office door sign to be conveniently mounted without tools and at no damages to where it is mounted. Users can easily mount on door, wall, office partition or flat surfaces of your choice with the magnet-metal plate mounting kit included.
  • LOW POWER CONSUMPTION - Santek EZ door sign adopts 2.9 inch 296*128 tri-color (black/white/red) high quality eink /epaper display. Unlike traditional color LCD displays, e-paper has no LED backlight. Therefore, as long as the message on the display does not change, the battery will not be consumed. EZ Door Sign requires very little power only when updating content.
  • LONG LASTING BATTERY - The cordless Santek eink display comes with a rechargeable built-in Lithium polymer battery .It does not require to insert battery or connecting to a power source. The energy efficient characteristics of E-paper makes the digital sign ideal for continuous contents display with no or little changes. It only requires occasionally charging via USB-C port once in few months (depending on usage).
  • EASY-TO-USE - Once set up with the custom messages, all you need is to click on the only button for power ON/OFF and switching between the screens when necessary. The electronic sign powers off automatically if left unattended, while the last displayed content stays on the screen. Changing message status like OPEN, CLOSED, DO NOT DISTURB, WELCOME is made easy for all indoor settings, office, business, work, conference room, meeting room, retail, school and home.
  • DEDICATE DESIGN- Designed in Japan, the Santek epaper door sign features a simplistic design. It comes with 1 x USB-C port for charging and data transfer, 1 x LED light indicator, 1 x button for switching contents. The housing is engineered to be thin and contemporary, with 3 color options: matt Black, matt White, matt Gray, to match with ambient environment on users’ preference.
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